ProCredit savings certificates are the right choice for investments that can remain untouched for several years. Your benefits in detail:

  • fair interest rate of 0.5%; minimum deposit EUR 2,500
  • responsible, meaningful and sustainable investment
  • free processing through your instant access savings account
  • easy management via Internet, telephone or post
  • Fixed interest rate for the entire maturity
    Note: The interest rate is fixed and is valid for the entire maturity of the savings certificate! Should the interest rates in the market rise during the term, it could be that your savings certificate yields a lower return, compared to other investments available at the time the savings certificate was issued. Should the interest rates remain low or even decrease, your savings certificate would secure good conditions in the long-term, making your investment profitable.

Our interest rates:

Fixed rate of interest, maturity in years

Savings certificates will no longer be available for terms of 2 and 3 years.

Interest earnings will be added to the capital in your savings sertificate account at the end of each investment year and will continue to earn interest.

Fixed rate of interest, maturity in years

4 years5 years6 years7 years
0.50 % p. a. 0.50 % p. a. 0.50 % p. a.

0.50 % p. a.

Here’s how it works – the three steps to getting started with your savings certificate

(1) In order to obtain a savings certificate, it is necessary to have a primary account with ProCredit Bank (such as a Private Account or instant access savings account) (2) You can then conveniently arrange your savings certificate using the e-Banking portal, by telephone or by post. (3) The amount you want to invest (min. EUR 2,500) will then be transferred from your primary account to your savings certificate.

What else do you need to know?

Interest is added to the savings certificate at the end of each year. The total amount of the savings certificate, including the interest as well as the interest on interest earned during the entire investment period, is transferred to your instant access savings account at maturity. From that point on, your deposit will continue to earn interest at the rate valid for savings accounts.

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