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Our structure

ProCredit Bank Germany is a wholly owned subsidiary of ProCredit Holding AG, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main.

ProCredit Holding is the parent company of the group and the superordinated company under banking supervisory law. It is a financial holding company within the meaning of the Capital Requirement Regulation (CRR), which itself does not have a banking license, but is supervised at group level by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and the Deutsche Bundesbank. ProCredit Holding is therefore also responsible for strategic management, ensuring adequate capitalization, compliance with reporting requirements, risk management and the proper business organisation of the group in accordance with section § 25a of the German Banking Act (KWG).

Further information on the shareholder structure as well as on the composition of the Management and the Supervisory Board can be found on the website of ProCredit Holding.