Sustainability is the best way to go.

Also and especially at a bank. Why?

Find out here!

Exclusion criteria

We are also proud to say “no” once in a while. If you set responsible ecological and ethical standards, there are many things you simply cannot do. Military-related business? We refuse. Pesticides? Too toxic for us. Speculation with food? Leaves a bitter aftertaste.

What we gain from this



... is a really big word. That’s why we work all day (and sometimes even longer) to do it justice: we strive for open communication with you, we only grant business loans if our ecological and social standards allow it, and we keep the negative environmental impact of our work as low as possible.

And the most important thing is yet to come


Terms such as sustainability, responsibility and values are everywhere and are in danger of becoming meaningless buzzwords. This makes it all the more important to seriously reassess our own attitude, our own actions, and also our own values time and again.

Bettina Eberle (Head of Sustainability Management)


Our work creates visible results. This is because as a sustainable, development-oriented commercial bank, we can certainly make a difference. Whether it’s environmental performance, diversity in our company, job creation or increasing transparency. Take a look

... at what we are changing


Responsibility, transparency, fairness: Our values.

  1. Social responsibility

    As a sustainable development bank, we only finance projects that are compatible with our own objectives. Our aim is to contribute to the creation of jobs in South Eastern and Eastern Europe and thus to the sustainable development of their economies. Our business model is based on this premise.

  2. Transparency and communication

    It’s important to us that you understand what we are offering. This is not always the case when dealing with banks, which is why we make it a point to take the time needed to explain what we can do for our clients (after all, even we need clarification sometimes). This makes our business model clear – and you know where you stand with us.

  3. Tolerance and respect

    It goes without saying that we treat each other and those in the world outside fairly. We firmly reject discrimination in any form. We feel most comfortable working this way, as does everyone we come into contact with. After all, with a presence in over 22 countries, there is no other way for a bank to operate.

  4. Professionalism and service

    Our clients are our top priority. Accordingly, we address your concerns and strive to ensure that you are satisfied. Whether it’s about your business, your security, or just unanswered questions: at ProCredit Bank, you can be sure that we are happy to help you!

  5. Integrity

    Integrity is a requirement of philosophical humanism for achieving “the greatest possible alignment between one’s own ideals and values and how one lives one’s life”. In concrete terms, this means nothing other than putting our own high standards into practice. Take a look at our website or get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to convince you!

Our approach to sustainability in numbers.


ProCredit grid-connected solar park


fewer group-wide internal emissions since 2015


green loans (ProCredit group)


new strategy for plastic avoidance