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Why Romania?

The country on the Black Sea is rapidly gaining in importance – and there are several reasons for this.

With a population of around 19 million, Romania is the sixth largest country in the EU and the second largest member state in Eastern Europe after Poland. Since opening up in the 1990s, joining the EU in 2007, and becoming part of the Schengen area, the country has experienced a dramatic economic upswing and is becoming increasingly important for Germany as an economic partner.


Starting point for nearshoring in the region

Germany is by far the most important investor and trading partner for Romania. Over 9,500 German companies are now represented there. The country also serves as a stable starting point for expansion into the entire region.

Due to worldwide political tensions and the ongoing pressure on global supply chains, nearshoring, i.e. the relocation of jobs to neighbouring countries, is becoming increasingly common. Romania is a highly attractive location for this. Numerous well-qualified employees, some of whom speak German, are currently creating a booming IT sector that represents an attractive alternative for German companies to the domestic sector, which is plagued by a shortage of skilled workers.

In addition, Romania is becoming a powerhouse for renewable energies in Europe and the Black Sea region thanks to high levels of solar radiation and strong winds.

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