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The flexible investment with 3.10 % p.a. for new customers!

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According to Stiftung Warentest, ProCredit Bank currently offers the best interest rates among sustainable banks. It leads the pack in call money accounts as well as in one-, three- and five-year fixed-term deposits.

Stiftung Warentest, Nachhaltige Banken im Vergleich – Zinsen und Konten im grünen Bereich, 17.05.2023

Good reasons to open a call deposit account with us:

  • Attractive variable interest rates

    For your first call money account, you will receive 3.10 % p.a. for new private clients starting 01.05.2024 till 31.07.2024 for amounts up to 50.000 EUR (1.00% p.a. for balances above EUR 50,000). After that, our standard conditions apply: currently 1.40% p.a., variable, up to EUR 50,000.

    Standard conditions
    From 7 October 2023.
    Offer subject to change until further notice.
    1.40% p.a., variable, up to EUR 50,000
    1.00% p.a., variable, for amounts over EUR 50,000

  • Secure investment

    Your savings are safe: ProCredit Bank is a member of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks and your deposits are therefore guaranteed.

  • Sustainability

    With your account, you support our goal of providing jobs, environmental protection and energy from renewable sources in South Eastern and Eastern Europe.

  • No minimum amount

    The great thing about our call money account: You don’t need to have a fortune to open it. Even with a small amount, you can benefit directly from the interest!

  • No fees

    Account management with us does not cost you a cent. Your deposit grows and you save money at the same time.

  • Up to EUR 1 million

    You can take advantage of the attractive benefits of your call money account up to EUR 1 million – which you can access flexibly online at any time, including interest!

And it’s so simple to open:

  1. Bank details

    To open a call money account with ProCredit Bank AG, simply provide us with the bank details of your current account with any German financial institution – this account will serve as the reference account.

  2. Identity

    After your identity and personal data have been verified using the Postident/Videoident procedure, ProCredit Bank AG will open your account and will provide you with your IBAN.

  3. Done!

    You can now transfer the desired amount from your reference account to your new call money account at ProCredit Bank AG.


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