Of key importance to us!

What does this mean?

Let’s go into detail.

Sustainability has many aspects. Taking responsibility in our daily activities is one of these aspects – and it is of key importance to us. After all, our business model provides us with the greatest possible leverage: HOW we shape our client relationships and WHAT we finance makes the difference. For example, we make sure to obtain a comprehensive overview of the economic and financial situation of every company seeking to receive financing from us. Ultimately to avoid overindebtedness.

This means that we take the time to talk to you. We primarily grant loans to medium-sized enterprises that invest in South Eastern and Eastern Europe, as it is precisely these companies that create jobs – and if they don’t meet our criteria, we sometimes refuse to work with them.

For us, responsibility also means treating our clients and employees fairly. We firmly reject discrimination in any form. This should of course go without saying – but it is extremely important to us, which is why we feel the need to emphasise it once again. As a bank that operates worldwide with a diverse range of cultures, respectful interaction with one another is the only possible basis for success. To internalise these and other aspects, we also make significant investments in training: at our own Academy in the Odenwald in southern Hesse, our teams learn how to live our values in their day-to-day work. Learn more through our Code of Conduct.

And what about the environment?
We also take responsibility for this. After all, we are talking about the very basis of life for all of us. Because this is such a high priority at ProCredit Bank, you can find out more about this in the Impact section of our website.