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We support your business activities on site!

What that means

Working together for reconstruction

As a signatory to the Ukraine Business Compact, we stand in solidarity with Ukraine and will support it in coming back stronger as a modern, innovative and green economy. That is why we support you in your import/export business with a connection to Ukraine, even in the ongoing challenging situation. You can rely on us as your (local) expert partner with our local networks.


We support your business activities on site.

Companies with business relationships in Ukraine today face numerous challenges such as limited contact opportunities or supply chains. Nevertheless, there are numerous opportunities for German SMEs in particular to support reconstruction in Ukraine and thus also positively influence the country’s development opportunities.

How does it work?

ProCredit Bank Germany supports you in continuing, expanding or establishing your business activities in Ukraine. As an impact-oriented bank, we aim to support sustainable growth locally. With our affiliate bank in Ukraine, we, as a German banking group, offer a direct local network and thus support you in handling your financial transactions.
Our Ukraine Desk will be happy to advise you. Contact us to schedule an appointment at

We provide in-depth support:

  • Secure transactions
    There are still many challenges when it comes to conducting business to and from Ukraine due to the ongoing war.
    We help you to safeguard your transactions. We confirm guarantees and letters of credit issued by ProCredit Bank Ukraine. German companies thus have a German contact for their import/export business in Ukraine. Contact us at
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  • Processing your payment transactions & account management
    Would you like to process your payment transactions with Ukraine securely, efficiently and cost-effectively? Our payment transfer options facilitate cross-border transfers at excellent conditions. Learn more about payment transactions and accounts here.
    If you would like to open an account in Ukraine, we will support you both in Germany and locally. We will help you with your existing business or with your (new) start in Ukraine. Contact us at

  • Investments on site
    The reconstruction of Ukraine is and will be a mammoth task. We will be happy to advise you on how to get your investments off the ground locally. Contact us at

FAQ: Answers to your important questions.

What are the main risks to my business due to the war?

The challenges German companies face are mainly owing to the physical and collateral effects of the war. However, the Ukrainian government has now taken numerous measures to support economic partners and prepare for the reconstruction. The German government and the European Union are also supporting SMEs in building economic ties with Ukraine. Contact us to schedule an appointment at

How can I protect my investments in Ukraine?

The German government is offering initial investment guarantees for loans in Ukraine. The staff of ProCredit Bank Ukraine will support you there. If you are interested in local financing solutions or have questions about investment opportunities in Ukraine, please make an appointment with us at

How can I safeguard transactions with export guarantees?

We confirm guarantees and letters of credit issued by ProCredit Bank Ukraine on behalf of its clients (confirming bank). Upon request, we will be happy to establish direct contact with our affiliate bank in Kiev. In addition, we can help you apply for Euler Hermes guarantees to safeguard your export business. Contact us to schedule an appointment at

A real-world example:
A large manufacturer of agricultural machinery was able to maintain its links with Ukraine with our help. The payment guarantee issued by our affiliate bank in Ukraine was confirmed by ProCredit Bank AG in Frankfurt. Thus, the exporter received a secure promise of payment from a German bank for his deliveries.

How can my company open an account locally in Ukraine?

Together with our affiliate bank, we offer business accounts and support you in opening an account. With our ProPay solution we offer low-cost money transfers from Germany to Ukraine. Contact us to schedule an appointment at

How can we transfer funds to Ukraine?

We will be happy to help you open an account with ProCredit Bank Ukraine. Combined with a business account with us, you can easily make transfers. The advantage: Thanks to centralised IT, our payment transactions are stable and secure even in the event of a crisis. Our payment transfer options facilitate cross-border transfers at excellent conditions.

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