Who is ProCredit Bank Germany for?

Basically, for all people, organisations and companies in Germany that are active in one of the countries in which the ProCredit group operates or are just looking for a committed, transparent and globally-oriented bank for their financial activities.

If you

  • have regular international payments to countries in which ProCredit group operates,
  • have trade relationships with small or medium-sized enterprises located in these countries,
  • are looking to finance an investment,
  • require resources in Germany or for your foreign subsidiary, or
  • would simply like to invest your money wisely and securely and receive a fair interest payment,

then ProCredit is for you.

ProCredit Bank is:


  • We finance economic development in Germany as well as in developing countries and emerging economies.
  • We aim to provide first-class customer service and to make the extra effort that sets us apart from the others.


  • Our business model is simple, easy to understand and robust. This allows us to offer our clients and shareholders a high level of security.
  • Avoiding unnecessary complexity makes us efficient. We pass this advantage on to our clients in the form of good conditions.


  • We are a German bank that focuses in particular on small and medium-sized enterprises. The ProCredit group also operates in numerous countries in South Eastern and Eastern Europe and in South America. This combination is unique in Germany.
  • Our qualified staff members are from various countries. This shapes our bank and therefore our attitude towards the world. We are a values-based institution that supports development in emerging economies.
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