Is my money safe with ProCredit Bank?

Why is my active agreement to the Terms and Conditions required?

What happens if I do not agree to the current Terms and Conditions?

FAQs about online banking

How does e-Banking work at ProCredit Bank?

How can I change my e-Banking PIN?

What do I do if I forget my e-banking credentials?

FAQs about our services for Private clients

What are the requirements for opening a call money account?

How do I manage my account with ProCredit Bank Germany?

Can I authorise another person to access my account?

How do I change my contact information if I move?

FAQs about Savings accounts

How can I change my reference account?

Is a joint account acceptable as a reference account?

How frequently and in what form do I receive account statements?

How do I close my call money account?

When will the interest on my balance be credited to my call money account?

FAQs about Term deposits

Are account statements issued for Term deposit?

Is there a minimum investment amount for Term deposit?

Where will the interest earned on my Term deposit be credited?

FAQs about taxes for Private clients

How does the flat rate withholding tax (Abgeltungsteuer) affect me?

What is an exemption order (Freistellungsauftrag) and how do I issue one?

How can I find out how much of my saver’s allowance has been used up?

How can I check my current church tax mandate?

Why church tax is automatically deducted?

How can I object to the forwarding of my church tax status?

What happens if I officially leave the church during the year?

How do I obtain a tax certificate?

When are taxes deducted, and how often?

FAQs about our services for Business clients

Is it necessary to inform the bank about every change entered into the Commercial Register?

What happens when the non-assessment certificate expires?

FAQs about Business accounts with Savings account

Can I use the account as my main bank account?

How often will I receive bank statements?

How will I receive my account statements?

How are transactions cleared?

What happens if I enter the mTAN incorrectly?

What happens if I do not receive a mTAN incorrectly?

Is there a limit for e-Banking transfers?

Can I also manage the account via EBICS?

Can different rights be granted to users within e-Banking?

FAQs about payment transactions for our Business account

What is the fee for a SEPA transfer?

What is the fee for transfers within the ProPay group?

Who bears the cost of a transfer to an account belonging to the ProPay group?

What does BEN, OUR and SHA mean in international bank transfers?

What happens if my account does not have sufficient funds the cover the amount required for a transfer (transfer amount + any fees)?

Can I set up a standing order?

Can I change a standing order?

What happens if my account does not have sufficient funds on the payment date of a standing order?

Other than EUR, in which currencies can I make bank transfers?

Why is the BIC not accepted?

What does the obligation to notify pursuant to the Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation (Außenwirtschaftsverordnung, AWV) mean?

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