Call money for business clients

Interest. Inclusive. Free of charge.
0.80 % p.a. variable, daily due

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Would you like to invest working capital securely for your company and be able to access it quickly?

Then a company call deposit account for flexible investment management is ideal for you. You'll earn interest on your money without being tied to a specific notice period.

The best part: The call money account is already included in your company account!
Open your business account.

Do you only want a call money account?
Companies, foundations or registered associations can also open a call deposit account directly, without a company account: This allows certain amounts to be invested securely and profitably as call money or fixed-term deposits for savings purposes.

Would you like to open only a call money account for your company, association or foundation?

  1. Complete the Online Form

    If you do not need a corporate account with us, please have information about your current account ready, which will act as the reference account for the call deposit account, and complete the online application.

  2. Verify your identity

    Verify your identity (if necessary also an authorized representative of your company) using the Postident/Videoident procedure. Submit the required documents together with your application form.

  3. Receive your documents

    Once we have received your application documents, we will open your account as soon as possible and provide you with the IBAN. You can then transfer the desired amount to your call deposit account and open fixed-term deposits from there as you wish.

Want to benefit directly from the advantages of a call money account?

As a company, association or foundation, you can benefit from our simple and attractively priced call money accounts. Let's go!