People here really want to make a change. Not just in banking, but also in ESG.

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What has been your most exciting experience at ProCredit Bank so far?

To be part of the project team that is currently developing the future management report with the support of Power BI (Microsoft’s business analysis service). This project combines new technologies and at the same time makes it possible to coordinate directly with the key positions.

What exactly does your work involve?

Actively exchanging ideas with various teams. We take data, mainly provided by the MIS (Management Information System), and create meaningful KPIs, visualisations, presentations, etc. This allows us to inform management about the current status of the bank, which in turn helps them to make informed management decisions.


ProCredit Bank is making a difference and pursuing truly commendable goals.

Marvin (Junior Controller Operational Risk Management)
What fascinates you about ProCredit Bank?

To be honest, I didn’t realise how incredibly diverse the teams were until I started working here. And they always try to find prompt solutions. And almost most importantly, I think: ProCredit Bank is making a difference and pursuing positively inspiring goals.

What motivates you to go to work in the morning? Especially on Mondays?

I usually work from home on Mondays 😉

Why ProCredit Bank and not Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank?

I prefer having real connections with my boss and colleagues. Also, I studied Sustainability Management ... which is not necessarily a topic at large conventional banks.

ProCredit talks a lot about sustainability – isn’t that just another buzzword?

I think it’s different at ProCredit Bank. And after my first year, I’m convinced of it: Sustainability is much more than just a current trend at ProCredit Bank. It goes beyond having a formal environmental management system and encompasses the willingness of all employees to put these values into practice. The people here really want to achieve change. Not only in banking, but also in ESG (environmental, social and governance) – and they do more than just talk about it.

How would you describe ProCredit Bank to a potential colleague?

It is an international environment. We almost always speak English. Everyone knows each other. There is a clear strategy for the future and exceptional development opportunities.

Questions? Or would you prefer to apply directly?

Please get in touch using the contact options below.

Sarah Vester

Human Resources