Although we conduct completely normal banking operations here in Germany, we are by no means a “normal” bank. We represent a genuine alternative for anyone looking for a responsible bank where they can manage their accounts, make international payments, obtain financing or make investments.

Responsible banking for development

The roots of the ProCredit group lie in providing advisory services for financial institutions in developing countries and emerging economies. The long-term presence of ProCredit banks in South Eastern, Eastern Europe and South America is based on this experience.

The German economy plays an important role in these markets – as a partner for trade and as an investor. From our position in Germany, we connect companies and organisations which are active in these countries.

“Hausbank” for small and medium-sized businesses: Fair banking business between equal partners

The ProCredit group cater to small and medium-sized businesses. This is because these businesses spark development and create employment – especially in the developing countries and emerging economies in which our group operates.

Your investment with us: Safe, responsible, worthwhile

The principle: As a client of ProCredit Bank in Germany, you invest your money with us. We use your deposits to support the business activities of the other ProCredit banks in developing countries and emerging economies. In turn, all ProCredit banks issue loans to small and medium-sized enterprises. Such funds are very important for fostering development and creating employment in emerging economies. Of course, this requires that loans are issued in a responsible way and according to transparent criteria.

Therefore, a careful analysis is the first step of the lending process at ProCredit banks: What assets and liabilities does the client have, what is his or her payment capacity? Is the borrower a reliable individual? Is his or her business model viable? Have our social and environmental exclusion criteria been taken into account?

This responsible approach to lending creates positive effects in two ways: First, by allowing us, in most cases, to prevent potentially over-indebting the client and take their business model into consideration, which is very important to us in light of our objectives. Second, it greatly reduces the risk that a loan will not be repaid.

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