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Inexpensive, easy to manage and always up-to-date.

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A business account should do one thing above all: facilitate payment transactions.

At ProCredit Bank, you can set up a convenient and clearly structured online account that offers you even more advantages - especially for business relationships with or in the countries in which the ProCredit group operates. Functioning cash management is also an important issue for companies. Our customer service team will be happy to advise you on solutions that will keep you up to date!

How can I open an account with ProCredit Bank Germany?

  1. Complete the online form

    Complete the online form, which you then print out and sign.

  2. Add your documents

    Attach a current extract from the commercial register (not older than 3 months), a current official list of shareholders (copy of a notarized list or extract from the official register) and copies of the respective founding documents (articles of association, articles of incorporation, etc.).

  3. Verify your identity

    In Germany: All authorized users verify their identity via Postident/Videoident. The account opening documents are then submitted. ProCredit worldwide: All authorized users must prove their identity at a branch of the ProCredit group or via Postident/Videoident.

  4. Receive your documents

    That's it! For security reasons, your e-banking access data will be sent to you separately.

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How can I open an account with another ProCredit Bank?
We can help you! Get in touch with us.

Important note:
The company account can only be managed online. In addition, no checks are issued or accepted for crediting to your account. As we do not have a branch network in Germany, we do not offer cash deposits or withdrawals. We also do not issue bank cards. Statements of account are issued quarterly. We will provide you with your account statements every month in your e-banking mailbox; if you would like to open an account with ProCredit Bank Germany from another country in the ProCredit group, your company should already have an account with a regional ProCredit bank. Otherwise, please contact us!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Local competence

    We have been active in South Eastern and Eastern Europe for many years and know the region well. As a result, we are very familiar with the local markets, local customs and local banks. You will hardly find a more knowledgeable partner!

  • Lean and efficient business account

    Our business account can’t do everything – but it can be used do the most important thing incredibly efficiently and cost-effectively: carry out payments in the target region! Simple online account management via e-Banking (or your own in-house financial software (must meet EBICS standards)) with EUR 2.50 for transfers within the ProCredit group, regardless of the amount and EUR 10 for international payments to third-party banks. And all this for a monthly fee of only EUR 15 (or 15 USD for USD accounts).

  • Secure transactions

    Close cooperation with our correspondent banks and our own network in the region give us a comprehensive overview of everything that is important in transactions. This keeps your risk to a minimum!

  • Support for cross-border growth

    Do you want to forget about borders when doing business? We are happy to provide you with our comprehensive knowledge of the region as well as the relevant import and export regulations – including guarantee instruments!

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  • Renewable energy at a glance

    As an ecologically-oriented commercial bank, sustainability is particularly important to us. Investments in renewable energies are one of ProCredit Bank’s priorities. With your deposits, you contribute to our endeavours!

  • Attractive interest rates on call money and term deposits

    Real financial added value: take advantage of our attractive interest rates for your business. You also benefit by opting for a fixed interest rate for the entire term of the loan!

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