At ProCredit Bank in Germany, we offer you the possibility to manage your accounts, carry out domestic and international payments, finance your needs, as well as invest your surplus liquidity.

By being present in South-Eastern and Eastern Europe, we offer German companies simple and low-priced financial solutions, especially when doing business in countries where one of the ProCredit Bank is located. We offer traditional account management with online or EBICS access, as well as a flat fee of EUR 2.5 per transfer within the ProCredit group.

We are proud of our high lending standards (that’s why we have an exclusion list), our environmental impact (that’s why we have an Environmental Managing System) as well as our social touch (our Impact Report Package will tell you more).

A wide range of solutions for your business

  • Business Account

    A simple and easy-to-manage online account, which offers additional benefits - especially if you have business relationships with/in the countries in which ProCredit banks operate. Additionally, a Call Money Account is automatically opened as part of this service

  • Financing

    ProCredit Bank AG offers credit lines to finance working capital; annuity term loans and amortisation loans for investment purposes as well as bank guarantees

  • International business

    Our Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantees are an ideal option to secure your import and export business. Furthermore, we offer different payment options – SEPA, SWIFT and ProPay (Only EUR 2.50 for euro payments to countries in the ProCredit group)

  • Deposits

    Find out about our Call Money Account - an interest-bearing account, available any day and easy to access via e-Banking – or our Term Deposit Account – a secure deposit facility for your disposable business assets, now with interest rates of up to 3.00% and maturities of up to 10 years.

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