Your advantages at a glance:

  • Simple online account management via e-Banking (or your own in-house financial software if it supports EBICS standards).
  • Free of charge transfers within the EU (SEPA) and only EUR 2.50 within the ProCredit Bank group worldwide.
  • Accounts available in EUR or USD and with transparent fees (account maintenance costs EUR 15 or USD 15 monthly). Further information on opening a business account in USD can be found here.

How to open an account:

You can open an account in Germany, or from a country where a ProCredit bank operates.

  1. Fill out the online form (Business Account Opening), print it and, sign it.
  2. Attach a recent excerpt from the Commercial Register (not older than 3 months), a current official list of shareholders (copy of notarised list or list from the official register), as well as copies of the respective founding documents (articles of association, statutes etc).
  3. Verify your identity:
    Germany: All authorised users must verify their identity via the Postident/Videoident procedure. The account opening documents should then be submitted.
    ProCredit worldwide: All authorised users must verify their identity at a branch office of the ProCredit group or via the Postident/Videoident procedure.
  4. Done! For added security, we will send your e-Banking credentials separately.

Important notes:

When opening an account from a ProCredit operating country, your company must already hold an account at one of the ProCredit banks worldwide.
The account can only be managed online (telephone banking is not possible) and cheques for credit to your account are not accepted. As we currently have no branches in Germany, we do not offer a cash deposit / withdrawal service, nor do we issue debit or credit cards. Balance statements are issued on a quarterly basis. We will send the bank statements to your e-Banking mailbox every month; EBICS users will receive their statements by post.

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